Stump Grinding and Removal

Consider Fresh Cut or Old Stumps Gone!

Don't Wait to Have the Attractive Yard You Want

The team at Turney Tree Service provides three choices to deal with stumps - allow the stump to remain and wait as long as a decade for it to decay, completely remove it mechanically, or grind it to four to six inches below grade. If you don't want to wait ten years, call our team for the help you need!

Whenever a tree is removed, there remains a tree stump. Obviously, tree stumps are unsightly and as they decay, become home to a variety of insects. Don't let an ugly old stump take down your home's value - call us for help.

Don't Leave Stumps Sitting

If you leave a stump, some species of tree will sprout from it and form a large woody shrub. In addition, remaining tree stumps naturally attract unwanted insects and can lead to infestations.
Stump Grinding

Grind Your Stump Down

The easiest, most cost-effective way to deal with stumps is to grind them down with our special grinding equipment. Afterward, our team completely restores the site with new loam and seed.

Get Complete Tree Services From Our Skilled Team

Have us evaluate the structure of the trees on your property and, if necessary, remove any damaged or unhealthy ones before they fall. We will even trim your unruly trees or plant beautiful new ones.

For your convenience, our company provides same-day and emergency services as well as Saturday appointments.
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